4-H Ocosta Wild Robotocats

The Robotocats - FRC Team 3787

Team History

2011, Logomotion: Serving as our rookie year for FRC Team 3787. With 15-20 students and a very small workspace, we defeated odds with our defensive robot. In the game of Logomotion we earned 9th place at the Seattle Olympic Regional, a spot in quarterfinals as the Team Captain, and The Highest Seeded Rookie Award.

2012, Rebound Rumble: This season was not as successful, but did come with many learning opportunities. The robot was an offensive one that had decent potential, but a large programming issue with the Driver Station prevented the robot from competing in most of it’s rounds.

2013, Ultimate Ascent: The year of the Frisbees and climbing pyramids came as a good comeback year and a major transformation of the team. The outcome of the season was a respectable offensive robot that earned the Robotocats 11th place.

2014, Aerial Assist: arking a significant change in tournament structure. Now, the events were smaller, but you competed in multiple to vie for a spot in District Championships and then for the World Championship. Aerial Assist was another year of major improvement. In one District Event, the Robotocats earned 17th place. In the other district they earned 11th seed, a place as the 8th Team Captain, and a spot in the quarterfinals. 2015, Recycle Rush: This year brought us to a whole new level of competition, literally. We seeded 3rd and 5th at our two district competitions. In eliminations we made it to quarterfinals and for the first time in team history, to finals. Along with the best-ever robot performances, we earned two quality awards, two pit safety awards, and two hard hat pin awards. We then went on to the PNW District Championships where we seeded 33rd, received the hard hat pin award, and another pit safety award. We were then in for a shock, the team had qualified for WORLD Championships. Traveling to St. Louis, we seeded 15th in the Galileo Sub-division and were the only team in our division of about 150 teams to receive full coopertition points. We ended the season in the top 4% of the 2908 registered FRC teams.


The Robotocats currently have 14 students. All of the work they do is done outside of school. 


The Robotocats have 4 mentors and countless parent volunteers. 

Community Outreach

The Robotocats have been engaged in our community, events have included volunteering at the local oyster feed, presenting at school assemblies, hosting booths at school carnivals, and volunteering and showing our robot at a local company's employee picnic. 

Over the summer of 2015 we did more outreach than ever before. During these events we met multiple people not from our area that we pointed towards other FIRST teams, offered to help a Californian team via email, and made it possible for much of the community to recognize our 2014 robot. We even built a dog obstacle course for one of the local events. 
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